I spend a lot of time riding public transit because I don’t have a car. Consequently, as any transit rider knows, I spend a lot of time waiting. While I’m doing all this waiting, I like to look for something nice to look at.

That’s where the clouds come in.

Now, I’ll admit that my current cloud obsession has come about, in large part, because of where I wait. Out on the industrial edge of my city there is a surprising amount of nature to be observed (my job is near a protected marsh). Rabbits, snakes, deer, and coyote have all been spotted in our parking lot. That makes it pretty easy to get into the spirit of enjoying nature. Since my city of residence is often rainy… there are also many amazing cloud formations. I started taking pics so that I could preserve them for the super blah days of winter.

Above are a few examples of my cloudspotting. If, like me, you’re starting to get serious about it, you can check out The Cloudspotter’s Guide by Gavin Pretor-Pinney.

2 thoughts on “Cloudspotting…

  1. Jo Post author

    You’re welcome! Can you believe I took them with my camera phone?

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