I’m a fan of wood floors. Probably because I have some mild allergies. Or maybe it’s because while I was growing up, I lived in apartments and I always had to look at and live with cream colored carpet (the often ignored or forgotten plane of the ubiquitous “plain white box”).

Wood floors have a look and feel that can’t be achieved with any other material. For me they look warm and have so much more depth and interest than wall to wall carpet. And though, generally speaking, I love wood floors of all colors and configurations, my favorite is a herringbone floor… Crisp, beautiful chevrons laid out side by side, creating an almost 3D effect when viewed from the right angle. I don’t think there is a more beautiful style of wood floor pattern! So, today I’m offering some favorite pics of this beautiful style (including one that I tore out of a Met Home years ago and lost the clipping of. I found it again online last night!).

Do you have a favorite type of flooring material and layout pattern?

2 thoughts on “Floored.

  1. Jo Post author

    Totally, Greg! I’ve been looking all over for a DIY one too. I found Alloc’s Studio Line but it’s been discontinued. I also recently saw a couple who floored their whole house with the wood from pallets and Elastilon. Maybe I could get herringbone that way? 🙂

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