Hey, That’s My Bike!







All Reality Bites references* aside, springtime is nearly upon us and what better way to get out and enjoy the upcoming weather than on two (or three) wheels?

Here are some really nice looking, classic bicycles and tricycles to feast your eyes on (and from least to most expensive).

Cream 3 Speed – Schwinn
Aluminum 5 Speed Unisex – Kronan
Granturismo Donna – Abici
Sonnet Bliss – Pashley

Manhattan Trike – KHS Bicycles
Picador – Pashley

I would love to own the Abici bike but my budget is more in Schwinn territory! It’s definitely a goal of mine to buy one this year and when I get it, I’m going to add on a bell and basket to trick it out. Do you have a cruiser or adult tricycle? How have you knitted yours out?

*the title of this post is named after the band Ethan Hawke’s character was in in Reality Bites. If you like grungy garage music, check out their song (with Ethan really singing the vocals) from the soundtrack – I’m Nuthin’. And I think I just put an expiration date on myself with that!

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