Mr. Telephone Man…





Not sure what it is with the song and (fictional) band references lately but it’s working for me! Today As Is goes back to a time before the instantaneous communication provided by cell phones. Yes, back to a time when you had to go to a specific room in the house and sit down next to a telephone that was connected to a jack in the wall. You could only get so far too; receiver cords had a finite length.

But for all their limitations, some of them had a certain amount of style. These days, when the usefulness of your phone is quantified by how much you can do with it that doesn’t involve talking and they all sort of look generally alike (iPhone and clones), the retro simplicity of older, pre-cellular models, built for talking, stand out.

Vintage Rotary – Anthropologie
Sculptura –
Scandifone – Velocity Art & Design
Princess – (try > Vintage > type in “vintage princess telephone”)

Happy talking and I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day yesterday!

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