In the Green Room…

I’m posting late today, I know. I just started a new job so I’ve been a little preoccupied! Still, that’s no reason to skip this Monday’s color post… and here it is – all things green. Enjoy!

The first time I saw this kitchen was in Elle Decoration UK. I loved the open shelving a the pretty green mosaic tiles.

Does grasscloth ever look bad?

Honestly, my favorite thing about this room is the coffee table but I also love all the different shades of green an yellow working in harmony.

Tobias Fairley also mixes greens here in this living room… the blue and white accents really make it pop.

Definitely green… but subtly so.

Making a focal point out of a green table is genius.

A solid and massive emerald green coffee table makes this room full of neutrals interesting.

Heath Ceramics subway tiles in multiple shades of green lend this simple bathroom depth and energy.

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