Be You Now.

I got a comment on a post a few days back that led me to the blog of Jaclyn Rae. Her blog is a mix of musings on faith, life, and art and features some really interesting art and photography to support the post contents. I was blown away by this young lady’s commitment to God, to living life, and to herself… I was inspired to remember that to be oneself is not just OK, but essential to one’s health and peace of mind.


I’m committing myself to being the best me I can be – from the inside out – without being afraid of what people around me might say. To following through on the promises I make myself for a better more peaceful life.

Life is a journey on which we all have to find our way. So, don’t wait for the approval of the crowd… Be you. Now.

p.s. – I wasn’t able to find the tumblr blog referenced in the photo… or I would have posted a link.

5 thoughts on “Be You Now.


    What a perfect meditation to start the week…totally agree that the moments I feel most alive are those where I’m being authentic to who I am! Thanks for this reminder! XO

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  3. PositivelyAnna

    Great post and great blog! I’m going to try this as a new mantra. When I’m not feeling confident, I’ll try “Be you now!” I have a feeling it will do the trick.

  4. Jo Post author

    I’m glad it got you pumped up! I have to come back and read it every so often to remind myself!

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