Space, The Final Frontier


Closets. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Everyone, and I mean everyone has to store their clothes somewhere. The question is, then, where to store, how to store, and what to store in.

I’m fairly organized. No, I’m not a neat freak. I just hate digging through piles just to pick something to wear. My clothes storage could be prettier though. I bought wood hangers at IKEA for only $4/8pack, then tossed out all my mismatched metal and plastic ones. But I still need baskets, shoe boxes, and organizers for small items like socks, lingerie, and accessories. But it could be even better if I actually prettied up the closet itself.

So, I’ve been on the hunt for inspiration and these pics are what I found. I like the use of wallpaper or paint to give a closet some color and someplace to sit to put on shoes… or just to take a break from trying on a dozen outfits.




Well, I’m going to stop rambling on and keep searching for ideas to make my closet more lovely to look at. What kind of things have you done in your closet to make it easier on the eyes?

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