Neutral Territory

Kitchens. I like ’em clean and uncluttered. The sleeker and crisper a kitchen is the better I like it. And nothing says clean like neatness, organization, neutral colors, and no upper cabinets (though open upper cabinets are fine). I’m not against having decorative objects or color in the kitchen as long as they are accents and not the only thing you see. So, today I’m presenting some of my favorite (mostly white) kitchens. The uppers are missing or open, the decor isn’t tacky and over the top, and yet all if them look welcoming and homey.

Currently my very favorite kitchen. Everything about it makes me happy. Not sure of the source but I’d love to know!

There is a lot to love here: open shelves, white dinner and serveware, marble counter tops, rustic-modern cabinets, the wall mounted tap, and art leaning casually on the backsplash. Gorgeous!

A more feminine, traditional take on idea… this is so cute! It’d be perfect in a little cottage.

Technically, I’m cheating a bit here because there are some upper cabinets… but the rest of this kitchen is so perfect (especially the view through the door) that I couldn’t pass it up. And… its a tiny cabinet!

Chalkboard walls are a fun and functional way to bring interest to a kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Neutral Territory

  1. Jo Post author

    That’s a cute little place, Courtney! Thanks for sharing the link with me. 🙂

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