Wary Meyers Shop

I was introduced to Wary Meyers through a Domino magazine article on owners Linda and John Meyers. Their style was wildly eclectic and chock full of over the top exuberance. Not really my taste but there were some pieces that were too cool to ignore… and the amazing and starkly evident love for unusual thrift store finds struck a chord.

Opening spread if the Domino article.

A couple of years later, I’m floating through the book warehouse to pull a new book for an order. The title? Tossed and Found. It’s cover featured a well loved leather chair with a hot pink and gold lightning bolt sewn down the middle of the seat and seat back. I paused (which I only did for interesting covers, sort of a side obsession of mine) to flip through it – not realizing at all what I was looking at.

Cover of Tossed & Found by John. & Linda Meyers.

Yeah, I bought it and this:

Le French Dresser… amazing, n’est pas!?

KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF. This project, Le French Dresser, is on my bucket list – it’s that cool to me.

So you can imagine my delight when while surfing for something completely other, I found the Wary Meyers blog AND news of their new shop. Yay! Below are some of my favorites.

Striped Sascha Brastoff vase – $35.

Blue industrial lights – Already sold!

Shigemichi Aomine Salad Fork & Spoon – $30 the set.

THE must have vintage book: I Married Adventure by Osa Johnson – $75.

Handpainted pillows (limited quantity) – $145 each.

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