Beauty & The Beast

I was going to blog about the new Traditional Home/Lonny crossover project that came out yesterday but I figured better bloggers than me have got that covered. Then I was going to go with some posts I’ve got floating in the wings but need some tweaking… But they need tweaking and I didn’t want to post at 3pm (again) trying to get it right. (For me mostly, slight perfection issues here!)


The view… walking up my street.

Instead I thought it might be nice to share something that struck me on the way to catch the bus (yep, public transport – not a fancy schmancy car). I live in an older neighborhood in Charlotte, one that is transitioning back from being a little on the rundown and not so safe side. But people are moving in and fixing old houses up and generally making it a nicer area to live. So things are improving… Anyway, its an older area, with tree lined sidewalks, and lovely little pockets of landscaped yards mixed in between lots with no grass and houses with peeling paint.

And on top of everything else, it’s a lovely spring morning: the sun is shining, itself warm but not hot, there is a cool breeze blowing, and not a cloud in the sky. Walking along I noticed the beauty beside the junky and rundown, dappled by the light and shade filtering through the truly magnificent old trees lining the way and it just made me happy. I thought, “This is what makes life worth living!”.

And it really is the little things.

Walking your neighborhood.

Feeling the sun shining on your face.

Mentally renovating the rundown house on the corner. (One of my favorite activities!)

Sometimes life is hard but mostly its beautiful, I think, if you’re looking for it.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Big tree love!

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