The Black Door

I love black doors! The first time I realized I was leaning towards this was when I saw an article in Elle Decoration about an art collector and her husband who’d redone the interior of an old Victorian in a completely modern style. The floors, trim, and doors were a deep, glossy black and the walls were a super bright white. The whole place was flooded with light and the colorful art stood out beautifully. Ever since then I’ve been a fan of the look.

Nate Berkus’ Chicago apartment as featured in O.

Nate Berkus did the doors of an apartment of his  featured in O a couple of years back a blue so dark that in some photos it read as black.

The entry of designer Michael Bargo’s apartment from the last issue of Domino Magazine.

But my favorite of all time was the apartment of twentysomething designer, Michael Bargo, for the Domino issue on style at every age. His whole apartment was totally gorgeous – and featured black doors!

Here are a few more examples of totally cool black doors and entries.

From top left: A black doored entryway from Atlanta Homes and Gardens Magazine, Victoria Webster’s home via Belle Maison, Eve Robinson via CocoCozy, Thomas O’Brien’s American Modern.

Patterned entry hall featuring black doors. Love this one! via Abode Love blog.

From top left: Celerie Kimble’s closet in Lonny Magazine, inspiration from Belle Maison (again!), Tommy Smythe’s kitchen from Canadian House & Home.

A black door peeks out of the corner if this inviting and contrasty entry. (source unknown)

Zach Motl’s micro sized apartment proves you can do dark colors in small spaces. From NYTimes.

What are your favorite colors for interior doors? Have a colorful Monday!

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