Totally Inspiring Room (and Blog)

Last might I decided to go hunting for French style interiors that were primarily green… Yeah, that was a “good luck with that” kind of a search! I will definitely have to keep looking for French greens…

But while I was hunting around I found a blog called Plum Sienna written by Annie, who has an obsession with wallpaper, wall finishes, and aged elegance. Her blog is full of absolutely gorgeous finishing techniques for walls – plaster, lime, gilding,  lacquer… you name it, it’s probably there. The photos are gorgeous and she often gives you a really solid but simple overview of how these techniques work. Please check out her current and previous blogs (there are total gems on both sites): Plum Sienna and Rose & Lis.


Today’s inspiration room is from Plum Sienna and has the most exquisite color combination I’ve ever seen. I’m totally in love! The color of the artwork? Get out!

I hope your week is going well and Thursday finds you safe and sound (especially after all the tornado and storm warnings throughout the southeast).

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