Totally Inspiring Room

Happy Monday everyone! Today is sort of gloomy and cool in Charlotte… I’m not complaining though! It is definitely a nice change of pace from the hot, humid, stormy weather we’ve been having. Plus, I’m feeling super energized and content after this weekend.

Totally inspiring kitchen by Thom Filicia via cococozy.

I’d like to share a room with you today that exemplifies sunny, sun drenched, casual elegance. I have seen it around on a couple of other blogs but just found out (last night!) that the room was designed by Thom Filicia. No wonder it looks so effortlessly cool. I’ve seen a lot of kitchen designs but this one is spot on perfect to me: clean, white, warm, filled with personal items yet uncluttered. That’s totally inspiring!

I hope you enjoy it and your Monday!

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