Around Charlotte: The Sleepy Poet

OK. I know this place is not some unknown hole in the wall that no one has ever heard of. It’s actually a really well known and huge (50,000 sqft.) antiques mall on South Blvd with a gigantic array of vintage and antique wares available. I had heard of it before but I’d never visited until today.

It was a quick trip with my friend Dawn before we had to go to work. As soon as we walked in the door we knew that this was not a place you spent half an hour browsing. You need to devote at least a few hours if not a whole day. But we took a quick spin around the place. Here’s some of what I saw:


Cool and comfortable lounge chairs with a leopard print cushion. The cushion is removable so it would be easy to paint and reupholster them.


A vintage, black Asian style desk. Great silhouette, right?

And last but not least in the back corner, on aisle 12, I ran into John and Amy Cline. They had the cutest setup there with a range of finds that tended toward the aged, industrial, Parisian look. They were an absolutely amiable couple who took the time to chat with me about furniture hunting, interiors, design blogs and their general obsession with all things decor related. I totally enjoyed my time with them!


This is my favorite piece from their booth: a vintage bar cart in pristine condition.


A tarnished tea set.

More general views of John and Amy’s booth:




So do you have a favorite antiques or vintage shop? I’d love to hear about them. Hope you all are having an awesome decor filled Thursday!

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