Etsy, eBay, and E-mail… Oh, My!

Today I’m sharing some of my recent acquisitions from online shopping. I can’t say that I do this regularly; I’m just getting started shopping on places like Etsy and eBay, but… I’ve seen some amazing things lately that made me give up just browsing. Here is my haul (some of these are still on the way so I’m posting the online pics from the seller’s site):


Blue Sky Dreaming by Kim Davies @ Inspired Lines.


Gray Laurel by Fire King cream and sugar set @ Jadeite Kate on Etsy.


A Giannelli horse head bookends @ Vintage Retro Classics on eBay.

I’m also picking up a smallish, Asian style entertainment center with the hopes of converting it into an office armoire. More on that later!

Have you got any mail order treasures that you acquired recently? I’d love to see/hear about it!

2 thoughts on “Etsy, eBay, and E-mail… Oh, My!

  1. Kim Davies

    Oh, those horse heads are lovely. In days gone by, I shopped online quite a bit…it’s been a little while since I had a good splurge. I love what you have bought. There are so many wonderful things online. I’m so glad you found my store and I’m happy you are enjoying your artwork although I had run out of my usual packaging and improvised as you may have noticed. ; ) x

  2. Jo Post author

    I was so excited to get your drawing I didn’t even pay attention to the packaging! It’s so beautiful, Kim. I don’t even have words for how lovely it is… All I kept thinking when I rolled back into the tube was “Gotta get this framed ASAP!”.

    The horse heads… saw a lone one on Etsy a few weeks back and had to have one of my own. Then behold, a pair! I can’t wait to see what they look like in person. If they’re as stunning as your drawing, I’ll be in heaven!

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