Building a Bed

The assembled bed @ IKEA.

So, I bought a bed and mattress at work today. I got the Trondheim bed frame and the Sultan Hanestad mattress. I’m sitting on the living room floor typing this up and thinking about a bite to eat to get me through the build. I’m really excited! This is my first non hand-me-down bed. It feels really good… and totally grown up. 🙂

Above is a pic of the bed from IKEA’s website and below are my pics of the chaotic pile of parts on the living room floor. I’ll be posting an extra post tomorrow to show you the bed all made up… After they deliver the mattress!

The side rails and the box scraps. I kind of shredded the box while opening it!

The baggie with all the screws, nuts, bolts, and etc. in it.

Slats… since this is a platform style bed.

I’m going to try to finish this tonight… Ciao, for now!

6 thoughts on “Building a Bed

  1. Jo Post author

    It wasn’t… until the end. I needed an extra set of hands to get the side rails on. Mom and Kirsten helped, so it ended up OK. Also the metal braces were a PAIN to screw in. I had to keep myself from spewing profanity. 😉

  2. Miriam Fliegner

    I realize this is random, but…may I ask how the Hanestad mattress has held up? I tried one in the store and found it comfortable, but people keep warning me that Ikea mattresses are bad. I can’t find any reviews of the Hanestad written by anyone who’s owned one for a substantial amount of time, though.

  3. Jo Post author

    Hi Miriam! Unfortunately, I didn’t have mine for any length of time either. I moved back to Seattle shortly after purchasing the bed and mattress and decided to sell it instead of hauling it cross country. I can tell you that I found it very comfortable for the few months I owned and would purchase another one again. Hope that helps! And thanks for stopping by!

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