Reading Room: The Hobbit


I was supposed to read this two months ago for my sister’s online book club but I didn’t get to it (for a number of reasons). I’ve got some time right now and I needed to take a break from Russell Kirkpatrick’s In the Earth Abides the Flame.

I’m not one of those people who remembers every last thing from childhood. I remember the highlights mostly and this book is one of the highlights. I remember being five, my sister was three, and being tucked under these bright coverlets that were a tropical floral pattern on one side and orange plush on the other while my mom read us pages from The Hobbit before bedtime. Only one other book stands out from that time (Jean Conder Soule’s Never Tease a Weasel) but this book made a lifelong impression that has informed my reading choices throughout my lifetime. Every story I truly enjoy has to have some element of the fantastical about it. If it doesn’t, it usually doesn’t satisfy.

So, I’m going back to my roots and reading this literary classic again. Happy hump day… the weekend is actively beckoning now. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Reading Room: The Hobbit

  1. supermomplus

    Great post Jo!! You managed to keep up with Mom and a lot of the things that she read to us when we were younger unlike me it did what it was supposed to for me – put me to sleep 🙂 and how I miss that cover! It was AMAZING!!! LOL

  2. Jo Post author

    Yeah, I think I was at the right age for the genre to make a lasting impression on my reading preferences. I’ve always gravitated toward these types of stories, even when they are more firmly rooted in reality.

    The older covers are amazing. My favorites are the ones I have on my copies up in Seattle, they’re from the sixties I think, with the handpainted Middle Earth landscapes on them. Nothing like them!

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