Black Beauty

Adam’s Spooky Apples from Matt Bites.

I don’t really do Halloween. When I was in 2nd grade my mom became a Christian and that was that. I never really regretted not celebrating though, having a healthy theatrical streak, I did miss the dressing up in costume though.

Still, every now and then I’ll see something Halloween related and I kinda get a pang. Every now then, a little voice in my head will say ‘Jo, you’re totally missing out!’. This recipe for black and red candy apples for Halloween from food blog, Matt Bites, is just such a thing. These apples are so beautiful that they make me wish I did do Halloween.

I don’t do Halloween… so I won’t… but maybe you do? And maybe you hadn’t found this recipe yet (and believe me, it is a discovery)? And… maybe you needed that little extra something to make your Halloween party sing?

This is the it. Adam’s Spooky Apples @

5 thoughts on “Black Beauty

  1. Jo Post author

    True. Still, it feels like such a Halloween-ish thing… I guess I could always make them orange and brown for Thanksgiving or red and green for Christmas! 😉

  2. Shannon Pearson

    I can’t imagine not doing Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday and even though I went to Baptist school my mom always let us do the Halloween thing, but then again, I was never supposed to drink or listen to secular music and that never held up for me either, lol. Guess that’s why my Pastor always called me a Rebel Baptist.

  3. Jo Post author

    In all honesty, I’m thinking of celebrating it again. Probably next year though. It’s too close to really do it up right this year. 🙂

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