Totally Inspiring Room


Pale, soft, serene… The living room of actress Keri Russell and her husband, Shane Deary, is all of those things. The room is part of a whole house renovation that saw the couple doing a lot of hands on work themselves. I think the ‘labor of love’ aspect shows through brilliantly. The overall vibe is one of easy, comforting elegance. Definitely a totally inspiring room!

On a side note: the overall look here reminds me strongly of Andrew Corrie and Harriet Maxwell-McDonald’s aesthetic at Ochre and Canvas and in their own home. The one difference is that the Russell/Deary house’s wood is a dark, rich color and the Corrie/Maxwell-McDonald look is usually pale, bleached or light woods and more aged metal. Very similar though.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! What’s inspiring you today?

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