Best of the Week

I save a lot of things while I’m surfing, a lot of which I don’t post because I’ve thought I might be spamming you all with it. But going forward, if it’s ok with you all, I’ll be sharing more instead of less. Because if I think something is awesome enough to save, well, maybe you will too. 🙂


Hyphae Lamp by Nervous System @Etsy, $600.


“Minted” pulls & knobs in satin brass by Sumner Street @ Lowe’s, $5 – $8.


Upcycled flooring of wood shipping pallets by Arctic Plank, price on request.


Marble Tray @ Restoration Hardware, $125 – $155. (Thanks to Camille Moore for sharing this on Twitter while I was writing up my post!)

Designer Visions 2011. A trio of showhouses take their inspiration from the movies:


Jed Johnson Associates for House BeautifulFactory Girl.


Carrier & Co. for Town & CountryIgby Goes Down.


Thomas O’Brien for VerandaSomeone To Watch Over Me.

My favorite is Thomas O’Brien’s design but they are all amazing and have a wealth of ideas in them. You can learn more about it at Designer Visions Online.

I hope you’re having a great Friday and have good things planned for your weekend. I’ll be working but making the most of it! Have a great weekend, everyone!

PS Sorry for the lateness of the post but just when I was almost finished my whole thing froze. I had to reboot and lost half the post… hope it was worth the wait. Ciao… for now!

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