One Tough Little Squirt!


I want these. Bad. Why? Because a company is brazen enough to tell mr that I can trust them with my delicates really and truly deserves my business. When you add on the fact that they’re a super green minded and are based out of the country that gave us Nicole Kidman, Lucy Lawless and the backdrop for LoTR… well, they still deserve my business.

I implore one of my stalwart young entrepreneurial blogger friends to import this stuff. Built in audience of one right here!

Check out the whole product line at B.E.E. (Beauty Engineered for Ever). A special shout out to Moo (@overheardatmoo) for the intro!

Happy hump (Wednesday) day, y’all!

2 thoughts on “One Tough Little Squirt!

  1. Michelleas

    You know what’s funny – I just returned from Australia and I actually saw these in a store there. The great names on the bottles where what caught my attention. I unfortunately couldn’t buy any – they were fairly big bottles, and I’ve had some bad luck with bottles exploding in suitcases 😦

  2. Jo Post author

    Bottles exploding in suitcases is no fun. It is super cool that you got to see these in person though!

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