Did everyone have an awesome holiday weekend? I worked most of it but I had some time on Thanksgiving Day, so I decided to see the costume epic Immortals. I’d seen the trailers and the mentions of this film being by the same people that did 300. That alone was enough to interest me… lots of hot guys running around in loincloths hacking on each other with swords was a big draw too (what can I say? I love my action movies). Still, I went in to the whole thing fairly blind. I’m not really up on Greek myth and history (if they were even faithful), so I didn’t really have any expectations as far as the story went.

Here’s what I got: a creepy intro to the main objective of the baddie, King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke), quickly followed by a much longer introduction to the good guy, Theseus (Henry Cavill), and his mother who are both shunned in their village (she was raped and he was the product of that rape). We quickly learn that he is a skilled fighter, whose prowess is even greater than seasoned soldiers guarding the village but that he wouldn’t be allowed to fight with them even if he wanted to because of the circumstances of his birth.

Soon enough, King Hyperion sweeps through Theseus’ village, killing hordes of people, and setting off a chain of events that eventually brings us back to the opening scene and an epic showdown between gods, titans, and men.

I’m trying not to be too spoilery here… because the plot is a fairly simple, straightforward good vs evil story. What sets it apart are the performances of several key characters but most notably, Mickey Rourke and both of the actors playing Zeus – John Hurt (in the form of an old human man) and Luke Evans (as the virile young God). Stephen Dorff is comical as a thief turned patriot and Frieda Pinto proves (again) that she can make men’s blood boil without breaking sweat. A small surprise for me was Kellan Lutz as Poseidon, not so much the performance but that he was in it at all.

The good: I cared about Theseus enough to want to see him succeed. I thought Mickey Rourke rocked Hyperion and was suitably dirty and bad in the part. The sets, costumes and action were all first rate.

The bad: the gods were thin on the ground… even in Olympus, the violence was absolutely brutal is places (a man cutting off his own tongue with scissors, exploding body parts in several scenes, another man being castrated with a sledgehammer), some wooden acting from the lead, and a little drag in the final fight scenes. Still, my overall impression of the movie was good. I’d recommend it… and likely see it again.

Happy Monday, everyone! Tomorrow brings another totally inspiring room. See you then!

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