Reading Room: Architectural Digest New York Interiors

Architectural Digest: New York Interiors, 1979.

I went down to St. Vincent de Paul thrift store today to find some pants for work. While I was there I decided to check out the bookshelves and see what they had in the interior decorating section. I wasn’t disappointed! I found a set of books by Architectural Digest one on California interiors, another on traditional design… but the one that caught my eye was a near pristine copy of Architectural Digest New York Interiors that was printed in 1979. As I flipped through it I discovered some really great rooms and a lot of the design ideas that were considered haute back then are back in vogue.

I picked up my copy for the astounding price of 2.99. I could kick myself that I put a quarter inch tear in the otherwise pristine dust jacket when I set into my design book basket… a little to tight in there! Still, it was a really good deal and I’m inspired to pay more attention to older design publications. I mean, everything old is new again, right?

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