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Totally Inspiring Room

A totally inspiring living room designed by Betsy Burnham as seen in the June 2012 issue of House Beautiful.

I finally got to a couple of design mags I’ve had floating around the house and the feature on Betsy Burnhah’s design for a house in Beverly Hills really caught my eye. I love the mix of color, texture, and pattern that permeates every room of this home. It’s got both traditional and modern appeal… and I like it! Check out pics of the entire house at Burnham Design.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Until next time…

Totally Inspiring Room

Nadja Swarovski’s London living room (2006).

This is the living room of Nadja Swarovski’s London apartment (c. 2006). It was featured in Elle Decor and instantly became one of my favorite rooms. Some of the standout details for me are the trellis molding on the ceiling, the creamy bettered with their rose red pillows, and the monolithic black lacquer coffee table floating on the beautiful carpet. It’s the perfect mix of modern and traditional elegance, don’t you think?

Trying New Things


My sis got these chairs as freebies from her neighbor and she wants me to help her fix them up. Check out her post here:

Trying New Things.

I ran fabric paint by her:

Painted chair project via A Pinterest Addict.

And reupholstering with budget upholstery fabrics from IKEA:

Rosmarie at IKEA

Benzy Skepp at Ikea.

Premier Fabrics:

Newell in Stone/Denton at Premier Fabrics.

Barber in Stone/Denton at Premier Fabrics.

Or using Joann’s 40% off coupons to get some cool looking pleather:

Eaton Square Adrift at Joann’s.

Here’s another view of this style of chair (by complete coincidence, I pinned the exact chairs from a Craigslist ad a few months ago on Pinterest).

On my CL Treasure Hunt board on Pinterest.

I’m going to meet up with her on Friday to take a closer look at them (so far, I’ve only seen pics). I’m so excited! What would you do with these chairs?

Gavin Dunne

I’m probably the last person to actually jump on this particular bandwagon… but I just recently started watching TV again with any regularity. So, I’ve just now started to see this commercial. You’ve seen it, right? The one with the uber hot guy eating a York Peppermint Pattie with sexy aplomb? You haven’t?

I’ve been seeing this commercial on TV for a while now and thanks to modern technology (Hello, Google!), I can look up the info for the commercial and find the name of the actor or model in 2.4 seconds. I love it! Anyway, this mint chocolate eating hottie is named Gavin Dunne. He bears a passing resemblance to old school Hollywood hunk (and first rate actor) Gregory Peck, don’t ya think? Here’s some more of Gavin Dunne doing his modeling thing in what looks like a promo video for Wilhemina Models/Miami…

I thought it’d be a nice way to get us all over the Wednesday midweek hump. It worked right? LOL! Anyway, I hope you’re having an awesome week. Until next time!

Totally Inspiring Room

The living room of Spanish designer Miriam Alia.

So, you may have noticed that it’s been a while since I post a totally inspiring room… and really it is because I haven’t been much inspired by anything lately. Until now. I was surfing the big red P, looking at the latest pins of people I follow and Tobi Fairley had pinned this from a French blog called Planet Deco. The living room is too amazing for words. The rest of the apartment has the same glam, feminine, modernist vibe. So much to love! Check out the rest of the digs here.

Hope you’re having a rockin’ week! Until next time…

Vintage Remix


Kishani Perera is an LA based designer who has risen, in the design world to rockstar recognition in just a short time. Her work is being featured all over the place, from magazines to blogs to tv… With good reason. Her eclectic mix of bold color, high and low brands, vintage and new is something to inspire or aspire to. I was excited when I found out (light years behind all the truly savvy decoristas) that Ms. Perera has a new book out. It’s called Vintage Remix: The Interiors of Kishani Perera. I’m aiming to make it a part of my collection now. In the meantime, I’ve been checking out more of Ms. Perera’s work online:

Kishani Perera design. Image via Project Pretty Blog.

Kishani Perera design. Image via Aphrochic

Kishani Perera design. Image via Color Sizzle.

Each of these bloggers has done a great feature on Ms. Perera’s work. There are more photos (and gushing… not unlike mine!) on each of these fab blogger’s sites. Please check out all the great pics they have of Kishani Perera’s work. Just click on one of the pics above.

Kishani Perera at her LA based store, Rummage.

There are some great pics of Kishani Perera’s store, Rummage, on the blog Brittany Stiles. Just click the photo above to take a look. You can also see some great shots of the Vintage Remix’s sections on The House of Fifty blog or pick up your own copy and make it a part of your collection. Isn’t Ms. Perera’s work fab?

I hope you’re having a fabulous day… and colorful day! Until next time. 🙂

I was surfing around for pics of lamps DIYed with the neutral + neon trend and came across this cute tutorial for nude + neon pumps. It is too cool not to share!

Candy Stilettos

Ok, so I am not the craftiest person in the world but when I saw this DIY neon toe shoes project, I was thinking that I can totally do this.  Coloring the tips of some old flats or neutral pumps can really pump up your pumps.  I found this on 

Pinned Image


{Materials needed: Nude Patent Pumps, Pink Fluorescent Neon Spray Paint, Packing Tape & Old Towels (to protect your shoes when you spray}



{cover shoes with towel and SPRAY!}



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Totally Inspiring Room

Design by Colette van den Thillart in House & Home.

I haven’t put a room up in a while… I’ve seen things that I thought were nice but nothing that was knocking me out. I saw this while surfing Pinterest and I thought it was something I wouldn’t mind putting up here to share with you.

I love the bold color on the wall, the zing of green in the faux bois rug, the sinuous and glossy white tables, and the overall calm of the aesthetic. I love the air of the unexpected that is found in every part of the room. This is one for the inspiration file!

Hope all is well in your world! See you next time. 🙂

Reading Room: Architectural Digest New York Interiors

Architectural Digest: New York Interiors, 1979.

I went down to St. Vincent de Paul thrift store today to find some pants for work. While I was there I decided to check out the bookshelves and see what they had in the interior decorating section. I wasn’t disappointed! I found a set of books by Architectural Digest one on California interiors, another on traditional design… but the one that caught my eye was a near pristine copy of Architectural Digest New York Interiors that was printed in 1979. As I flipped through it I discovered some really great rooms and a lot of the design ideas that were considered haute back then are back in vogue.

I picked up my copy for the astounding price of 2.99. I could kick myself that I put a quarter inch tear in the otherwise pristine dust jacket when I set into my design book basket… a little to tight in there! Still, it was a really good deal and I’m inspired to pay more attention to older design publications. I mean, everything old is new again, right?

CL Treasures – The Dining Room Edition

I’ve been surfing Seattle CL looking for projects… Here are some of the cool pieces I found recently:

China cabinet on Seattle Craigslist.

This seller of this campaign style armoire didn’t list a price but they are willing to entertain all “honest” offers. Which means you might be able to get this sweet, clean lined beauty for a steal!

Sideboard/Hutch with mid century modern flair - $200.

Here is another clean lined piece that would like great with a new coat of paint and maybe some wallpaper or contrasting paint on the inside for interest. $200 OBO.

Vintage Tulip Table knockoff - $185

Get the look… for less! This Tacoma shop has a vintage knockoff of the classic Saarinen Tulip Table for sale for a mere $185. That chic breakfast nook is just around the corner!

5 Piece vintage dining set - $180.

This is a nicely proportioned set that would also look good in a small dining room or breakfast nook… plus, at $180 for all five pieces you’re not breaking the bank.

I’m off to work now… Have a great Thursday!