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Bankrupt Billionaires 2

You may remember me waxing poetic a while back over the Brisbane Australia group Bankrupt Billionaires. Well, last month they delivered the digital edition of their self-titled EP via Bandcamp. The two tracks (Feelin’ This, Daze of the Dead) I mentioned in my last post about them are included as well as five more additional tracks. The song Hold Me Down is one of my faves so I thought I’d share it with you here.

If you like this song, you’ll enjoy the rest of the CD which is available on bandcamp for $10. It’s totally worth every penny! Have a happy Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow with a totally inspiring room. 🙂

Art: Kim Davies

I don’t know what is lately but I keep coming across links to amazing stuff and getting so caught up in it that I can’t remember how I got there. That’s totally the case with the artwork of Australian artist Kim Davies. I landed first on her paintings page and immediately fell in love with the tonal ranges of her abstract pieces… that prompted more exploration, which led to the best part of Kim’s website: the illustrations.


Lip Service

I think it’s safe to say that her work falls firmly between portraiture and modern fashion illustration. Her colors are pinks, buttery yellows, and pale grays. The subjects are provocative and provide an interesting counterpoint to the palette.

Blue Sky Dreaming… on a side note: I bought the original drawing a few days ago and I’m, rather impatiently, waiting for its arrival from Australia!

Needless to say, I’m totally smitten. I actually went ahead and purchased the beautiful illustration above. My first piece of real art ever, can you believe it!? I’ve got to wait for it to come from Australia… does that take a long time? I hope not, I’m already on pins and needles as it is!

Blushing Nude

Check out Kim Davies illustrations and paintings or follow along with her blog, where shes shares news and inspiration. For more on Ms Davies’ process and what inspires her, see the interview that the online magazine, Ivy & Piper (also based in Australia), featured her in here.


If you end up loving Kim’s work as much as I did, you can purchase originals and limited edition prints directly from her website by simply clicking the ‘buy’ button on available works. The prices are amazingly good, even with the exchange rate… and I have a strong feeling they’ll only gain more value! Have an amazing, artful Thursday all!

Bankrupt Billionaires


I love The Optimen, an Australian hip hop outfit that I discovered through a sampler on Amazon. Their music is playful and reminds me of groups like the Beastie Boys that rap about stuff other than thug life…

Anywho, I recently became the guru of The Optimen on Get Glue, which posts your achievements on Twitter, which lead to me having some fun convos with The Optimen. Now, you’ll wonder, I’m sure, what all this has got to do with Bankrupt Billionaires!

Well, The Optimen tweeted this link to the Bankrupt Billionaires’ record label page with a short bio of the group and its members and two free downloadable tunes from their forthcoming album. The two tracks are Feelin’ This and Daze of the Dead. Both are amazing but I really love the second track. I could See that second track gracing the soundtrack of a hit show or movie soundtrack and becoming a HUGE hit. It’s that good!

Kel On Earth the vocalist for Bankrupt Billionaires has a soulful, bluesy voice not unlike some of the great talent that’s come out of England in the last few years (Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Joss Stone, Adele). Please, please, please avail yourself of the cool tune-age… you’ll not be sorry!

Soft Touch

Its a soft, gray, rainy day here in Charlotte today. I was planning on putting these pics but the soft, muted colors seem especially appropriate given the melancholy Springs weather.

Here is a serving of rain washed colors for this not so sunny spring day:


Soft pinks, gray, and white dominate this set. (Sources: unknown, Domino, Elle Decor, unknown.)


Washed out bluish gray and Sterling rose lavenders create a moody ambience. (Sources: unknown, Domino, unknown, Champagne & Macarons blog.)


Soft gray-browns, white, and silver. (Sources: Mallory Morrison Photography, Greige blog, unknown, Elle Decoration Australia.)

Have a great Friday and a (hopefully) sunnier weekend!

Exquisite Geometries

I’m one of those people that actually goes through all twenty pages of my Etsy recommendations. Sad? Possibly… Still, one can argue that actually taking the time to sift through the dross can actually yield some very interesting things.

The Kiss

Group Hug

One Million Short Stories

The Chrysler Building


My gem from today’s Etsy cruise is the shop of Melbourne, Australia painter Kristina Sostarko – INALUXE. The colors are mid-century modern, the aesthetic is reminiscent of Rex Ray or Charlie Harper.

I’m in love!