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Vintage Modern

Literally! I love when companies take an iconic product and truly update it for the modern user. Here are two stellar examples:


Polaroid’s compact instant/digital camera, the Z2300. I love the race car model designations!

The Polaroid Z2300 (yes, them again) is an awesome instant/digital camera. How much fun would it be to have all the modern conveniences in a digital camera but still be able to make those cool old school instant prints that made the company famous? You can get the best of both worlds with this slick looking 10MP looker and at only $160, it isn’t going to break the bank.

Next up:

Seriously, Singer’s 160th Anniversary Limited Edition Computerized Sewing Machine made me swoon when I saw it. Thanks, Amazon!

This gorgeous sewing machine from Singer which takes it’s styling from the vintage turn of the 20th Century machines that started it all and upends it with a fully functional computerized interface. Let me tell you, this is WAY better looking than the boring white and blue machines that litter your local Joann’s. I’d go so far as to say this machine in sexay… If you can apply that term to a sewing machine!

Last but not least:

Michelle over at Sweet Suite 10 gave me a heads up on this one… At first I wasn’t feeling the flatter shape but I think it looks sportier, don’t you?

You can’t get more iconic than a classic Volkswagen Beetle, can you? There aren’t many people, whether they are 8 or 80, that don’t know this classic car from the shape alone. Well, for the new 2013 model they have stepped back even further to an earlier, slightly flatter body style but they’ve upped the ante with a LOT more power under the hood than ever before. I could see myself zipping through town in one of these, couldn’t you?

What’s your favorite new old design?

Totally Inspiring Room


Living room by Robert Passal in Trad Home.

Today I’m just throwing up this quickie post as I’m working all day. Today’s room was designed by Robert Passable and is from Lonny magazine’s collaboration with Traditional Home. A totally beautiful living room. Calm, serene, classic. Love it. See the whole article here.

Have a happy Tuesday, y’all!

Totally Inspiring Room


Today’s room is from the latest issue of Traditional Home. It is the study off of the master bedroom of designers Roger Higgins and Ann Shipp.

I love how serene this room is: the pale and neutral colors, the comfy looking sofa, the tone on tone walls and trim… So calming! See more of the designer’s amazing house at Traditional Home.

I’m going to see more of my room rearranging project. I’m at the part where you sort through all the junk you found while doing the moving furniture around phase. Not the fun bit… but, it has to be done! I hope you’re all having an amazing Tuesday. Not too cold and nippy but a nice sunny fall day like we’re having here in Charlotte. Catch you tomorrow. 🙂

Faringdon Lamp


I’m in love with brass lamps right now. The cool thing is that brass is coming back into fashion, so we’re seeing more and more offerings that are chic.

Take Vaughan Design’s Faringdon Lamp: it is a perfect example of putting a stylish twist on a classic silhouette. It is shapely, elegant, and modern. I’d love to have one on my desk! The Faringdon is available in brass, polished nickel, and dark bronze.

Have an amazing Monday!

Coldplay: Parachutes


Sometimes the best things aren’t the new, new, bleeding edge thing. Sometimes it’s that old, familiar thing that gets shoved to the back of closet and becomes a victim of “out of sight, out if mind”.

I moved to Charlotte in mid-January. A total leap of faith move; I left everything in Seattle and brought only myself and my clothes. That meant that my collection of 600+ CDs stayed in storage and hied myself over here without the benefit of my comfortable, comforting stack of go-to bands and music. Not a good place to be in when you’re a hardcore music lover like myself.

So yesterday I decided to check out the $5 MP3 downloads at Amazon. Every month they feature 100 albums that are only $5 each. Sometimes they’re themed but mostly it’s a good mix of old, new, and a different genres. It was a FEAST for me! This month features quite a few of my favorite artists, some of it was even the latest albums by those artists… but I chose to go with a favorite and classic album: Parachutes by Coldplay.

What can I say about this record that hasn’t been said before? Probably nothing. I will say this: it’s hard to find a record that is as perfect from the first to the last track than this. My favorites are High Speed, Spies, Shiver, and We Never Change but I love the while record. If you’ve never heard it or only heard the singles, I encourage you to give it a whirl this month  while you can get the whole thing for $5.

I hope your Monday goes like a Friday!  Have an awesome week!

Totally Inspiring Room


This room is a little more formal than I usually like but something about it does it for me. Maybe it’s the balance of casual elegance and formality or how the white walls and black floors provide a blank canvas for everything in the room. Whatever it is, it works.

Totally Inspiring Room (+Blog Love)

I love reading other people’s blogs, especially when the writer’s taste coincides with mine. Such is the case with Delight by Design. I found Blair Friedeman’s blog while (I kid you not!) going down the alphabetical blog links on Pink Wallpaper. I LOVE Delight by Design! Seriously, I didn’t get any further down the link list because I’ve spent the last two days going through all the previous entries. There is so much to inspire!

This is one of my favorite rooms from Blair’s blog:



Home library/office designed by Isabel Lopez Quesada. (June 2010 Nuevo Estilo)

Seriously, I think I swooned when I saw this! So many of the posts feature gorgeously decorated rooms that it is really hard to tear yourself away from it all. Please check out Blair’s magnificent blog and the designs of Spanish interior decorator Isabel Lopez Quesada. You wont be disappointed!

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

Courting Summer

For my first post back from my mini break, I’d like to share some gorgeous outdoor spaces that I’ve come across during my surfing sessions.

Some are just really lovely backyards but quite a few are interior courtyards. I adore interior courtyards – they’re are honest to goodness “secret gardens”. Here are a few I’ve found:

I hope you’re having a beautiful, sunny Tuesday!


Comfortable Chic

I may have mentioned that I’m not the fashionista type a few posts ago. I wasn’t kidding. I’m totally not being falsely modest or anything. I’m a woman so I love clothes, shoes, and handbags as much as I’m supposed to… I just don’t wear what I like as much as I’d like. I kind of convince myself, on a daily, that it is OK to wear jeans and a tee… again. I’m really hoping to change that going forward. My last couple of clothing purchases have been dresses and skirts. Girly could quite possibly become my new uniform. Here is an outfit that totally embodies my taste – a little Bohemian, a little classic, absolutely comfortable, and simply chic.

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent oversized silk blouse and Bailey 44 maxi skirt in rayon/spandex both at Nordstrom.