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Coldplay: Parachutes


Sometimes the best things aren’t the new, new, bleeding edge thing. Sometimes it’s that old, familiar thing that gets shoved to the back of closet and becomes a victim of “out of sight, out if mind”.

I moved to Charlotte in mid-January. A total leap of faith move; I left everything in Seattle and brought only myself and my clothes. That meant that my collection of 600+ CDs stayed in storage and hied myself over here without the benefit of my comfortable, comforting stack of go-to bands and music. Not a good place to be in when you’re a hardcore music lover like myself.

So yesterday I decided to check out the $5 MP3 downloads at Amazon. Every month they feature 100 albums that are only $5 each. Sometimes they’re themed but mostly it’s a good mix of old, new, and a different genres. It was a FEAST for me! This month features quite a few of my favorite artists, some of it was even the latest albums by those artists… but I chose to go with a favorite and classic album: Parachutes by Coldplay.

What can I say about this record that hasn’t been said before? Probably nothing. I will say this: it’s hard to find a record that is as perfect from the first to the last track than this. My favorites are High Speed, Spies, Shiver, and We Never Change but I love the while record. If you’ve never heard it or only heard the singles, I encourage you to give it a whirl this month  while you can get the whole thing for $5.

I hope your Monday goes like a Friday!  Have an awesome week!

Civil Twilight


I do not listen to the radio. I may have mentioned this before… I say that because I’m usually late to the party, musically speaking. As an example, I didn’t “discover” Jeff Buckley until a few years after his death (oddly enough, it was because a customer mistook Chris Martin from Coldplay for Jeff Buckley while I was playing Parachutes on the store overhead… she got into Coldplay and I got into Jeff Buckley. It was a win win… but I digress).

I’m talking about Civil Twilight today. I watched this cheesy movie called I Am Number Four. The only thing it had going for it was the double eye candy of Timothy Olyphant (before he was precipitously dispatched by alien foes) and Alex Pettyfer (who is so young that my drooling over him officially qualifies as a cradle robbing crush) and this absolutely gorgeous song by Civil Twilight called Letters From The Sky. Listening to that song play on the end credits raised the hair on my arms. I whipped out my handy Android and SoundHounded it.

The trio hails from South Africa and consists of two brothers, Steven and Andrew McKellar, and school friend Richard Wouters. According to the wiki, they’ve been compared to early U2. I can’t see it but it doesn’t matter. That one song has me sold. Their debut record is my next mp3 purchase. If Letters From The Sky doesn’t sell you on Civil Twilight then nothing probably will. 🙂

Happy music hunting! Hope your Monday is shaping up like a Friday! Have a good week, y’all!

Click the pic to watch the video for the song!


Happy Labor Day, everyone!