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Downton Abbey


Downton Abbey is a Masterpiece Classic show that plays on PBS. A lot of my fellow design bloggers are gaga over this show, they love everything about it from plot to production design. So, while I was at my sister’s house last week, I decided to check out the episodes that were available on Netflix.

It was a little slow getting into it but by the second episode I was hooked. The setup is that an aristocratic English family whose estate is entailed. They have arranged a marriage between their oldest daughter and the nearest male relation, a cousin that we find out has died in the sinking if the Titanic. With his death, the families hope of retaining the estate, money, and title goes out the window. The show takes off from there.

This is a very well produced, written, and acted upstairs, downstairs drama with The family and their staff is wonderfully played some very fine actors, including the venerable Maggie Smith. It’s a delight to watch the interactions between the different social strata during a time with classic was a very important consideration in social circles. It seems the production team has made a real effort to get period details right.

Only seven episodes were available on Netflix, so I didn’t see the whole first season but I’m definitely looking forward to checking out the rest of this series… As I told one of my blogging buddies, “OK, OK! I get it!”.

The second season is airing now on PBS and as I mentioned before, the first seven episodes of season one is available to stream on Netflix. I totally recommend it if you’re the type that likes period dramas, you won’t be disappointed!

I hope you’re all having an awesome Monday. See you tomorrow!