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Running Around


The view from the front door during the move

Whew! What a day! I helped a friend of mine move a friend of hers… before looking at two rooms in my friends house that she’d like to makeover… going to Lowe’s to buy paint stripper, safety goggles, and gloves… stripping the drawers for a dresser we’re working on… and making plans for our next DIY session.

Stripping the drawers

The disassembled office chair… still working on the upholstery staples. :-/

Then… disassembling the office chair I told you all about last week. Next Friday (our DIY day), we’ll be painted the drawers, staining the body of the dresser, and stripping the paint off the office chair. Then, hopefully, if time permits, we can at least get a primer and paint on the frame.

Dalesford fabric by Duralee at Lewis & Sheron.

I found another DIYer at work that likes to sew and has said she’ll help us out with the fabric. I’m thinking about using Dalesford in the green colorway with an emerald green paint on the frame. I like Benjamin Moore’s Emerald Isle. I’m open to suggestions (Thanks, Michelle, for yours!)

So you can see what I mean by running around, right (and why I’m posting at nearly 9pm)? I’m grinning from ear to ear though because I’m totally enjoying this! It feels amazing to be finally doing something I’ve always wanted too.

I hope you all are having a rocking Friday. Have a great weekend. I’ll see you next week!