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The Earliest Holiday Ever




When I showed up at work today (IKEA for those who don’t know) all the Christmas stuff was out on display with ornaments, decorative accessories, and gift wrap ready for the early birds to take home. In all honesty, I liked most of what I saw. Still, before Halloween, y’all? Really? I mean, just how early is too early?

I don’t know if we’ll ever figure that one out! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy a few snaps I took while I looked around. Happy… Thursday! I’ll wait til after Thanksgiving to start doing the holiday well wishing mambo. 🙂

PS. My sis is going to see my favorite band ever, Duran Duran, tomorrow night in WA. I’m so excited for her… especially since I worked behind the scenes to get babysitting for my niece and nephews so she could go. I thank God that it all came together. Don’t you just love real life happy endings? I know I do!



My sis sent this pic to me this weekend. She was at a beach near my hometown city, Seattle, WA. Sunsets over the water are such a huge part if what “home” means to me that receiving this made me smile… and a little Tad homesick.

Things are challenging right now but I keep reminding myself of what I’m trying to accomplish and praying (a lot) to get me through. Little things like this picture, little bits of beauty and goodness are a lovely balm when the going gets tough.

I hope your Monday is shaping up like a Friday. 🙂

Sunset on a beautiful day…


I spent the entire day with my family today. We barbecued, talked, laughed, and had a great time with each other.

The miracle of it is that it’s the first time in well over a decade since all of my cousins have been together in one place. How wonderful for us all to finally come together!

We’ve packed up everything and everyone has gone home but we all promised not to go so long without seeing each other.

I call that a blessed day.

A Family Affair

I’m happy to announce to the world that the person who taught me to crochet was none other than my Gram Nash. I was just a wee girl and I thought the little frilly dresses she made for those once ubiquitous toilet paper holder dolls was the best thing ever. I wanted to do it too and my Gram showed me how.

I played around with crochet for a few years… into my preteens and even tried to teach myself how to knit. I was so proud when I finally learned how to do stockinette properly (Hey! Purling is HARD darn it!). But of course, as happens with so many of us I let go of it to pursue other things – bands and boys being chief among them. Still, if I picked up a hook, I knew I could always rely on my Gram, even though she’s a lefty and I have to reverse everything to get it right, to see me through any snarls.

Now cut to a few years later (no, I will not tell you exactly how many…) and I’ve once again picked up a hook. When I showed my Gram the project that I was working on her eyes sort of started to get a certain gleam… so I asked, casually, if she wanted to work on some projects together and she agreed! So we’re off tomorrow to go drool over yarn and hopefully pick out something cool… because you can never have enough yarn, right? I mean, a day of yarn stashing, working the craft, and hanging with your Grammy… what more do you need?