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I saw this movie on Friday (followed by Underworld: Awakening) and I liked it… for the most part. Mallory Kane (played with wooden aplomb by Gina Carano) has been double crossed by her employer/ex-boyfriend, Kenneth (Wide eyed faux innocence and easy charm? Could it be anyone other than Ewan McGregor?). Being the bad*ass name taker that she is, of course she’s going to get even.

That’s the downfall here: you know you’re getting a B grade revenge action film from the start. What makes it remotely interesting are the delight with which the all male cast (aside from Carano) throws itself into harms way (again, Carano) and the absolutely brutal way in which she dishes out that harm. Another reviewer wrote that when you see her dishing out mayhem on screen it’s more believable than watching an Angelina Jolie or Zoe Saldana do the same. There is a case for that. Carano is no waif; when she was hitting Michael Fassbender in one scene, I winced for him very time she made contact.

If she’d been a better actress she might have carried the movie. A truly bad*ass chick’s fighting chops are just not enough to do it. See it at a matinee if you’re a hardcore action junkie otherwise wait until it comes out on video.