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I Got It!


I’m sure that I was not the only design lover that was over the moon excited to hear that Domino Magazine was making a comeback in the form of special interest issues, right? So, when the news hit that Domino Quick Fixes had hit newsstands, I was practically doing cartwheels. Of course, I rushed out to a fee of my favorite stores to find a copy but… no one had it!

I don’t know if they were sold out or what but that totally bummed me out. I decided to try Lowes. A hardware store is not necessarily my first choice for magazines (I’m kind of a bookstore snob at heart) but I remembered that they do carry mags like Fine Homebuilding and This Old House Magazine. So I called.

They had it! I rushed over and bought it that day. All of you that loved Domino will understand how much joy I experienced holding this special issue in my hands. It, literally, was a dream come true. I want to thank the publishers for hearing all of our loud, long, heartfelt laments for this publication… and here’s hoping that the special issues are such a smash that a regular 10 issue a year run will result!

Until next time!