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Bankrupt Billionaires


I love The Optimen, an Australian hip hop outfit that I discovered through a sampler on Amazon. Their music is playful and reminds me of groups like the Beastie Boys that rap about stuff other than thug life…

Anywho, I recently became the guru of The Optimen on Get Glue, which posts your achievements on Twitter, which lead to me having some fun convos with The Optimen. Now, you’ll wonder, I’m sure, what all this has got to do with Bankrupt Billionaires!

Well, The Optimen tweeted this link to the Bankrupt Billionaires’ record label page with a short bio of the group and its members and two free downloadable tunes from their forthcoming album. The two tracks are Feelin’ This and Daze of the Dead. Both are amazing but I really love the second track. I could See that second track gracing the soundtrack of a hit show or movie soundtrack and becoming a HUGE hit. It’s that good!

Kel On Earth the vocalist for Bankrupt Billionaires has a soulful, bluesy voice not unlike some of the great talent that’s come out of England in the last few years (Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Joss Stone, Adele). Please, please, please avail yourself of the cool tune-age… you’ll not be sorry!