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Totally Inspiring Room

The living area in a project my Isabel Lopez-Quesada via ECLECchic.

This living room is by Spanish interior designer Isabel Lopez-Quesada. This is my second time featuring her work on a Totally Inspiring Room post and I’m sure it won’t be the last! Her rooms always seem supremely livable and effortlessly chic at the same time. Definitely something I find totally inspiring… not to mention that I’m totally in love with the blue/purple/pink/coral scheme. See more of the project at the blog ECLECchic or see more of Isabel Lope-Quesada’s work on her own website!

Happy Tuesday, all! Until next time…

Laced With Sweetness

You know how sometimes you see something and it makes you swoon? Something that literally resonates… Today while looking over ish and chi, the blog of Vivian Mansour, I saw this old post (from August 2010) showing an outfit she wore and a project she worked on… Guess which one I swooned over?

How beautiful is this ensemble!?

It is a two year old post so the gorgeous lace blouse is no longer available at ModCloth… *sigh* I bet some enterprising seamstress could whip up a reasonable copy though. It’d be worth it! I could see wearing a top like this as it’s shown or over a black cami with a pencil skirt and pumps, or over jeans with the sleeves pushed up. It really is a knockout! Anywho, the top may not be available anymore but this pic is definitely inspiration for a silhouette to match with a beloved maxi dress that needs a little extra something.

Want a last closer look?

Dainty and Demure Top.

In other news (somewhat related to my post Truly from earlier this week): I have taken the first steps toward going back to college for an interior design certification/degree. I’m nervous and excited and hoping it all works out for the best. Wish me luck!

Mirror, Mirror


I just picked up the July/August issue of Elle Decor. I’d sort of flipped through it at the grocery store and I wanted to pick it up for the amazing photos in an article called Swept Away that features gold and brass bath fittings. Trust me. You HAVE to see that one!


But the feature that had me drooling was a Manhattan apartment decorated by Steven Gambrel. There is this amazing mirror in the main entry that just blew me away. It’s a vintage, hand carved Italian piece and it looks smashing in the foyer, dont you think?


Another favorite piece is the Scratchout rug by Carini Lang in the home’s family room. It looks amazing with the mix of neutrals and that fabulous orange.

See the whole apartment at Steven Gambrel’s site and drink in the amazing awesomeness of this place!

Totally Inspiring Room (+Blog Love)

I love reading other people’s blogs, especially when the writer’s taste coincides with mine. Such is the case with Delight by Design. I found Blair Friedeman’s blog while (I kid you not!) going down the alphabetical blog links on Pink Wallpaper. I LOVE Delight by Design! Seriously, I didn’t get any further down the link list because I’ve spent the last two days going through all the previous entries. There is so much to inspire!

This is one of my favorite rooms from Blair’s blog:



Home library/office designed by Isabel Lopez Quesada. (June 2010 Nuevo Estilo)

Seriously, I think I swooned when I saw this! So many of the posts feature gorgeously decorated rooms that it is really hard to tear yourself away from it all. Please check out Blair’s magnificent blog and the designs of Spanish interior decorator Isabel Lopez Quesada. You wont be disappointed!

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

Totally Inspiring Room

Happy Monday everyone! Today is sort of gloomy and cool in Charlotte… I’m not complaining though! It is definitely a nice change of pace from the hot, humid, stormy weather we’ve been having. Plus, I’m feeling super energized and content after this weekend.

Totally inspiring kitchen by Thom Filicia via cococozy.

I’d like to share a room with you today that exemplifies sunny, sun drenched, casual elegance. I have seen it around on a couple of other blogs but just found out (last night!) that the room was designed by Thom Filicia. No wonder it looks so effortlessly cool. I’ve seen a lot of kitchen designs but this one is spot on perfect to me: clean, white, warm, filled with personal items yet uncluttered. That’s totally inspiring!

I hope you enjoy it and your Monday!

Space, The Final Frontier


Closets. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. Everyone, and I mean everyone has to store their clothes somewhere. The question is, then, where to store, how to store, and what to store in.

I’m fairly organized. No, I’m not a neat freak. I just hate digging through piles just to pick something to wear. My clothes storage could be prettier though. I bought wood hangers at IKEA for only $4/8pack, then tossed out all my mismatched metal and plastic ones. But I still need baskets, shoe boxes, and organizers for small items like socks, lingerie, and accessories. But it could be even better if I actually prettied up the closet itself.

So, I’ve been on the hunt for inspiration and these pics are what I found. I like the use of wallpaper or paint to give a closet some color and someplace to sit to put on shoes… or just to take a break from trying on a dozen outfits.




Well, I’m going to stop rambling on and keep searching for ideas to make my closet more lovely to look at. What kind of things have you done in your closet to make it easier on the eyes?

Small Can Do

Wow. You want to talk about a success story? How about Zach Motl, an actor turned interior designer. His 178 sq. ft. (!) apartment was featured in the New York Times… after landing a gig with prestigious design firm, Robert Couturier & Associates, without the requisite experience (three years design experience and AutoCAD) for the job. How? He showed them what he’d done to his apartment. That’s can do!

The living/dining/bedroom area.

Artful display abounds!

The office area features a desk he got when he was twelve and a $10 antique leather chair.

More pics are available on the slideshow at NYT.com.