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Comfortable Chic

I may have mentioned that I’m not the fashionista type a few posts ago. I wasn’t kidding. I’m totally not being falsely modest or anything. I’m a woman so I love clothes, shoes, and handbags as much as I’m supposed to… I just don’t wear what I like as much as I’d like. I kind of convince myself, on a daily, that it is OK to wear jeans and a tee… again. I’m really hoping to change that going forward. My last couple of clothing purchases have been dresses and skirts. Girly could quite possibly become my new uniform. Here is an outfit that totally embodies my taste – a little Bohemian, a little classic, absolutely comfortable, and simply chic.

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent oversized silk blouse and Bailey 44 maxi skirt in rayon/spandex both at Nordstrom.