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Showin’ The Love

My blog buddy Michelle over at Sweet Suite 10 sent me the loveliest compliment by including me in her Liebster Award nominees. What are the Liebster Awards? Well, it seems it is a way for small blogs (less than 200 followers) to help spread the word about each other. When you are nominated, you pick five and keep paying it forward. I’m a wreck when it comes to stuff like this so it took me a while to get up to speed on it… But it was so nice for someone to think of me… So, big thanks to Michelle!

What’s up:

Choose five up-and-coming blogs (with fewer than 200 followers) to award the Liebster to.

Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

Post the award on your blog. List the bloggers you are giving the award to with links to their sites.

Leave comments on their blogs so they know about the award.
Share five random facts about yourself.

Here are my nominees:

Michelle at Sweet Suite 10

Kim Davies at Inspired Lines

Erin at Clementine & Olive

Andrea Henderson at SpaceSays

The mysterious sisters at Pomp & Circumstance

As Michelle stated in her post, please forgive me if I underestimated anyone’s readership. I think all the above blogs are fabulous and worth reading/following in any case. I hope you’ll check them out!

Uh… Five random facts about me:

I recently discovered that I like dogs and am slowly but surely losing my fear of them.

My favorite designers are Thomas O’Brien and Kelly Wearstler – total opposite ends of the design spectrum. I love a mix of glamor and more down to earth style.

I’d refurbish every old thing in the world that was worth saving if I could – everything (and everyone) deserves a second chance.

I never learned how to drive. Which is, on occasion, terribly inconvenient. It’s also very cost efficient. 😉

Painter’s tape is one of my favorite DIY tools. It’s fun to play with!

Well, I that’s it for me this Monday! I’m off to go lend a hand at the big blue box. Until tomorrow, all!

Etsy, eBay, and E-mail… Oh, My!

Today I’m sharing some of my recent acquisitions from online shopping. I can’t say that I do this regularly; I’m just getting started shopping on places like Etsy and eBay, but… I’ve seen some amazing things lately that made me give up just browsing. Here is my haul (some of these are still on the way so I’m posting the online pics from the seller’s site):


Blue Sky Dreaming by Kim Davies @ Inspired Lines.


Gray Laurel by Fire King cream and sugar set @ Jadeite Kate on Etsy.


A Giannelli horse head bookends @ Vintage Retro Classics on eBay.

I’m also picking up a smallish, Asian style entertainment center with the hopes of converting it into an office armoire. More on that later!

Have you got any mail order treasures that you acquired recently? I’d love to see/hear about it!

Art: Kim Davies

I don’t know what is lately but I keep coming across links to amazing stuff and getting so caught up in it that I can’t remember how I got there. That’s totally the case with the artwork of Australian artist Kim Davies. I landed first on her paintings page and immediately fell in love with the tonal ranges of her abstract pieces… that prompted more exploration, which led to the best part of Kim’s website: the illustrations.


Lip Service

I think it’s safe to say that her work falls firmly between portraiture and modern fashion illustration. Her colors are pinks, buttery yellows, and pale grays. The subjects are provocative and provide an interesting counterpoint to the palette.

Blue Sky Dreaming… on a side note: I bought the original drawing a few days ago and I’m, rather impatiently, waiting for its arrival from Australia!

Needless to say, I’m totally smitten. I actually went ahead and purchased the beautiful illustration above. My first piece of real art ever, can you believe it!? I’ve got to wait for it to come from Australia… does that take a long time? I hope not, I’m already on pins and needles as it is!

Blushing Nude

Check out Kim Davies illustrations and paintings or follow along with her blog, where shes shares news and inspiration. For more on Ms Davies’ process and what inspires her, see the interview that the online magazine, Ivy & Piper (also based in Australia), featured her in here.


If you end up loving Kim’s work as much as I did, you can purchase originals and limited edition prints directly from her website by simply clicking the ‘buy’ button on available works. The prices are amazingly good, even with the exchange rate… and I have a strong feeling they’ll only gain more value! Have an amazing, artful Thursday all!