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Put A Lid On It


My new hat. Cute, huh?

I bought a hat at Target the other day. It is a summer fedora but I couldn’t pass it up because I love hats. Frequently, however, hats don’t love me back… They are too small or the wrong shape for my face or some other weird thing. This hat fits perfectly and looks good on me, so how could I pass that up? Plus, since it’s off season I got it for a mere $3.88 + tax. Can you beat that?

While I’m happy with that purchase, what I really went in there for was to see if I could find some Fall/Winter accessories so I could stay warm during these chilly seasons. One small problem: I was totally underwhelmed by Target’s offerings this year. That really bummed me out because Target is my go-to place for fashionable, reasonably priced accessories.

So… I had to start looking elsewhere. I admit that so far I’ve only looked online. But I’ve found some stuff that is funky and fun enough for me to be happy with! Here’s what I found:


Kate Spade NY 'Big Apple' hat and convertible mittens @Nordstrom.

I really love the tinge of color on the edges of Kate Spade’s mitten/trapper hat combo and it’s a wool blend so it’s probably super warm. Honestly, the $80+ per piece price range isn’t too terribly realistic right now, so…


Old Navy's 'Color Block' & 'Super Soft Sweater' cold weather accessories.

Old Navy comes to the rescue! All of these pieces are $15 or less… and prove conclusively that I love green! While I do like these pieces the set I found online that I love the most is this multi-color set from Kohl’s.


'Zigzag' slouchy hat and infinity scarf @Kohl's.

I really like the ribbed chevron on the Zigzag set, don’t you? Well, the search continues… Where do you get your cold winter accessories from?

Have a good weekend, everyone! Until next time…

New Moon Changes



OK, it isn’t really a ‘new moon’s! It is a catchy title though, right? I took these two pics on the way home from work. I just thought the clear sky and the mix of bare and evergreen trees with the moon hanging above them was a beautiful sight!

Speaking if beautiful sites… OK. Full disclosure (and slight change of subject): I’m combining my blogs together. So if you go back in the archives you’ll see a lot of posts on yarn crafts and sewing. You might see a few more pop up that are about books and their covers. I decided to just follow all my interests on As Is. I mean, really, they’re all integrated in my life so why seperate them when I’m blogging? I’ll be simplifying my categories and looking for a theme that makes all the subjects I have and will be covering look good. If you have any suggestions feel free to drop me a line!


nano_09_blk_participant_120x240_pngThis month is National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. The goal of NaNoWriMo is to write a 50,000 word novel during the thirty days of November. You write roughly 1,667 words a day to stay on goal.

I am participating again as I have every year for the past couple of years. Because of that I probably won’t be posting a lot of stuff on crocheting or other yarn related things. I am still giving my Mom’s sweater a go. Nearly finished too… Only the left sleeve to be done. I’ll get to that this weekend.

In the meantime… if there is anyone out there actually reading my blog (I have deep moments of doubt about that!) the reason I’m so terribly inconsistent of late is that I’m NaNo-ing.

Happy writing to those who are doing the do. Happy crocheting, knitting, felting, or weaving to the rest!

A Family Affair

I’m happy to announce to the world that the person who taught me to crochet was none other than my Gram Nash. I was just a wee girl and I thought the little frilly dresses she made for those once ubiquitous toilet paper holder dolls was the best thing ever. I wanted to do it too and my Gram showed me how.

I played around with crochet for a few years… into my preteens and even tried to teach myself how to knit. I was so proud when I finally learned how to do stockinette properly (Hey! Purling is HARD darn it!). But of course, as happens with so many of us I let go of it to pursue other things – bands and boys being chief among them. Still, if I picked up a hook, I knew I could always rely on my Gram, even though she’s a lefty and I have to reverse everything to get it right, to see me through any snarls.

Now cut to a few years later (no, I will not tell you exactly how many…) and I’ve once again picked up a hook. When I showed my Gram the project that I was working on her eyes sort of started to get a certain gleam… so I asked, casually, if she wanted to work on some projects together and she agreed! So we’re off tomorrow to go drool over yarn and hopefully pick out something cool… because you can never have enough yarn, right? I mean, a day of yarn stashing, working the craft, and hanging with your Grammy… what more do you need?