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The Drawing Board…

I’m terrible about projects sometimes… You’ll remember how a few weeks ago, I showed you the lamps I bought that I wanted to do the neon + neutral bottle wrap project on? Well, when I went to Lowes to pick up the masons line (neon yellow and pink nylon) and twine to do the project, I didn’t like it! So now, I’ve got to back to the drawing board on that lamp project. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it now. I definitely want to paint it because brown is not a color I’m fond of (even though the brown on my lamp is a dark, glossy chocolate brown and not at all ugly). Since I’m bankrupt for a solid idea for the lamp, I’ve decided to try and do some planning for the desk I bought a while back:

Craig’s List desk.

It needs serious work! At first I thought that I wanted to do a standard white or ivory paint job on it but after seeing this room by Kimberly Ayres design (thank God for Google image search, btw! I actually first saw this picture on a blog without a photo credit and it took me ages to figure out who designed the room).

The main inspiration for my CL desk find is this room by Kimberly Ayres Design.

High gloss mint would look great on my desk, don’t you think? I think it would look awesome. I’ve been gathering paint chips for the perfect shade of mint green. Today I started looking for drawer pulls because I don’t really like the original pulls. I found these at Anthropologie:

Sardinia Knob, $12 each at Anthropologie.com.

I’m hoping to find some decent sized unpolished square brass backplates for the knobs to sit on. I think that’d look nice on the flat edges of the drawers. I’ve also wanted to use some of the metallic fine papers from Paper Source to line the inside of drawers for a while… I’m thinking this marbled gold would look good:

Gold on Natural Marble Fine Paper, $6.50 per sheet at Paper Source.

Well, that’s my wish list for my desk project. I’m hoping to find some inspiration for the lamp project soon as I think I’d like to tackle the smaller project first. Any suggestions for my lamp?

Best of the Week

I save a lot of things while I’m surfing, a lot of which I don’t post because I’ve thought I might be spamming you all with it. But going forward, if it’s ok with you all, I’ll be sharing more instead of less. Because if I think something is awesome enough to save, well, maybe you will too. 🙂


Hyphae Lamp by Nervous System @Etsy, $600.


“Minted” pulls & knobs in satin brass by Sumner Street @ Lowe’s, $5 – $8.


Upcycled flooring of wood shipping pallets by Arctic Plank, price on request.


Marble Tray @ Restoration Hardware, $125 – $155. (Thanks to Camille Moore for sharing this on Twitter while I was writing up my post!)

Designer Visions 2011. A trio of showhouses take their inspiration from the movies:


Jed Johnson Associates for House BeautifulFactory Girl.


Carrier & Co. for Town & CountryIgby Goes Down.


Thomas O’Brien for VerandaSomeone To Watch Over Me.

My favorite is Thomas O’Brien’s design but they are all amazing and have a wealth of ideas in them. You can learn more about it at Designer Visions Online.

I hope you’re having a great Friday and have good things planned for your weekend. I’ll be working but making the most of it! Have a great weekend, everyone!

PS Sorry for the lateness of the post but just when I was almost finished my whole thing froze. I had to reboot and lost half the post… hope it was worth the wait. Ciao… for now!