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Soft Touch

Its a soft, gray, rainy day here in Charlotte today. I was planning on putting these pics but the soft, muted colors seem especially appropriate given the melancholy Springs weather.

Here is a serving of rain washed colors for this not so sunny spring day:


Soft pinks, gray, and white dominate this set. (Sources: unknown, Domino, Elle Decor, unknown.)


Washed out bluish gray and Sterling rose lavenders create a moody ambience. (Sources: unknown, Domino, unknown, Champagne & Macarons blog.)


Soft gray-browns, white, and silver. (Sources: Mallory Morrison Photography, Greige blog, unknown, Elle Decoration Australia.)

Have a great Friday and a (hopefully) sunnier weekend!

Art: Mallory Morrison

By now, anyone who reads this blog should know how much I absolutely adore Sandra Suy. I check her Dripbook page to keep up on new work and just to  generally drool over the arty goodness that is Sandra Suy.

Can you believe all the times I’ve been on Dripbook it never occurred to me to look for more art and illustration? Well, I’m making up for lost time…

I absolutely adore this… I mean, seriously, what is not to love?

I love the color and movement here… it’s very serene.

I love that ultrablond halo – she looks like a siren!

Apparently, I’m also a fan of underwater photography because that’s what caught my eye. This set is by photographer Mallory Morrison. Please don’t let this person have an online shop like Sandra Suy does or I’m doomed!