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The Weeknd


I went out to make coffee this morning and the roomies were playing Thursday* a mixtape by The Weeknd. I couldn’t really hear the vocals but I could hear this hauntingly beautiful music coming out of the speakers…

So, they let me borrow their mp3 player so I could listen to Thursday in it’s entirety. Honestly, the vocals and lyrics are adequate. What floats this record is the music. I think this record would have been cooler as an instrumental but, that said, I’d love to see this artist’s evolution. His work, musically speaking, is worth following and maybe maturity will bring greater songwriting ability. In the meantime, I have to admit I’m really enjoying the almost trance like music even with the oddly matched r&b vocals over the top.

The Weeknd‘s mixtape of Thursday is available as a free download on his website. Grab it while you can. If you dig it, you might also try his original mixtape release: House of Balloons.

*Warning: If this were a record company release it would have a PARENTAL ADVISORY sticker on it for language and subject matter (sex, drugs, etc.).

What new music is on your radar? I hope you’re having a great day this Thursday!

Andreya Triana

I skulk around the Amazon mp3 site looking for free music… well, a lot! They have a free song everyday and I find that it’s a really good way to discover new music. It’s how I discovered Warpaint and the artist that I’m writing about today: Andreya Triana.


She’s a singer/songwriter from the UK. She’s completely self taught; she started out recording harmonies on two old tape decks in her room. She’s come along way from there… her debut album Lost Where I Belong was released on the Ninja Tune label last August.


I’m taken by her amazing vocals… she reminds me a little of Alana Davis (someone else who has an amazing voice). Her sound is sultry, soulful, jazzy… and did I mention that she’s gorgeous and rocks her frocks too? Well, Ms. Triana is definitely a complete package!

I grabbed her single, “A Town Called Obsolete” from a Ninja Tune label sampler that is free to download on Amazon. Two additional free tracks are available:  “Wonder When” – a swingy, uptempo jazz swirl by Bonobo on which Triana does the vocals, and “Lost Where I Belong” – the title track from her debut CD. Grab them at Amazon mp3.

Andreya Triana – Far Closer from Steve Glashier on Vimeo.