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Lemony Goodness

Clockwise from top left: Threadsence necklace – $24, Old Navy plaid gauze shirt – $25, Anthropologie dress – $398, Anthropologie clutch – $100, Asos sandals – $600.

I haven’t always been a fan of the color yellow. In fact, at one point I was all about neutrals and all other colors be darned! Thankfully, I’m way more open to color now. Good thing too; there are some awesome products in some really amazing hues these days. This part lemony, part yolky bright yellow is adorning a lot of cool things from clothes to interiors. So yeah, I’m a bit obsessed with yellow right now. How about you? What colors are you craving?

Have a great weekend everyone, I’ll see you next time. 🙂

Death of a sweater

sweater deathI came across this sweater which is a really pretty color of red, which you might not be able to tell from the picture I took. I got it for a buck (!) at a store just down the street from my house. The sweater is from Old Navy, made of acrylic and will soon be torn down and turned into something for my sister-in-law, Bobby.

Her favorite color is red, so I think she’ll like the color.  You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find a really good bright true red yarn that doesn’t have blue, orange, or burgundy tones. So this was a bargain and a great find!