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Totally Inspiring Room

The gorgeous masculine glamour of this foyer by Osborn Architects blows my mind!

It’s totally inspiring room… the late night edition! Better late than never, I say, especially when the room is this cool. Ok, so technically it’s an entry and it’s also just a glimpse. Still, isn’t this glimpse tantalizing enough to draw you into the rest of the house? Check out the cool blog Rex Kelly Mid-Century to see more of the house which was done by Osborne Architects! Happy night owling, y’all!

Shoe Blues

Clockwise from top left: Fioni Kutzie Knot Pump – $30, Lela Rose for Payless Mapleton Printed Wedge – $55, Isabel Toledo for Payless Espawind Flatforms – $55, and Christian Siriano for Payless T-Strap Wedge Sandals – $30

I took a quick trip to Payless Shoes (yes, Payless). I was looking for work shoes of the non slip, non marking, oil and water resistant variety. Exciting right? When I didn’t find anything comfortable or attractive in the work shoe department, I thought a quick browse of the new Spring styles would be fun. The four styles above were some of my faves. Apparently, I’m liking blue… and stripes!

Better late than never, friends! Happy Monday… I certainly hope yours was better than mine. See you tomorrow with a totally inspiring room.

Orange + Pink + Black


All photos via Pinterest.

I’m loving this fresh and sophisticated color combination right now! It just pops and announces that spring and summer are on the way. Amid the photos above (all from Pinterest) are new fashions from J. Crew, art from Laurie Rollit, colorblocked pillows, a pinstripe cake and other fun and infectiously colored items.

Color inspiration board from Jessica Tierney Designs.Jessica Tierney Designs

More inspiration from Pinterest: this color inspiration board from Jessica Tierney Designs (image via Noa Noa) is a sweet and sexy example of this stellar combo.

A Holly Penikas pin from Pinterest.

Holly Penikas shared this colorful sign… a little kitschy but again, I love the color combination. This just proves that it really is a timeless combo.

It could also be great as a bold choice for a girl’s bedroom…

Pink, coral, and black in a girl's room. Via Pinterest

The just right pops of color to keep a library from being just a dull reading room:

Coral pink and back library in House & Home via Pinterest.

Or a statement maker in an entry:

Tablescape featured in Lonny Magazine via Pinterest.

Check out more coral + pink + black or orange + pink + black on Pinterest. Have a happy, fun and safe weekend!

Neutrals + Orange



This set of pics is from a home featured in one of last year’s Atlanta Homes & Gardens with interior design by Kay Douglass. All of the pics are from the same house, though in some rooms the designer went completely neutral. See the entire house, situated in Alyse Beach in Florida, in the article Personal Space.

Mr. Telephone Man…





Not sure what it is with the song and (fictional) band references lately but it’s working for me! Today As Is goes back to a time before the instantaneous communication provided by cell phones. Yes, back to a time when you had to go to a specific room in the house and sit down next to a telephone that was connected to a jack in the wall. You could only get so far too; receiver cords had a finite length.

But for all their limitations, some of them had a certain amount of style. These days, when the usefulness of your phone is quantified by how much you can do with it that doesn’t involve talking and they all sort of look generally alike (iPhone and clones), the retro simplicity of older, pre-cellular models, built for talking, stand out.

Vintage Rotary – Anthropologie
Sculptura – Ericofon.com
Scandifone – Velocity Art & Design
Princess – (try Etsy.com > Vintage > type in “vintage princess telephone”)

Happy talking and I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day yesterday!