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Best of the Week

This week’s roundup:


‘Circus’ from the Geometric Collection by Cole & Son at Lee Jofa.

This lovely Cole & Son wallpaper was recently featured in Elle Decoration UK covering a plain Jane two door armoire. It enlived that piece from blah to wow with ease so, I can only imagine what it would do for a feature wall.



Alphabet paperweights and pig speaker at West Elm.

The retro look paperweights from West Elm would make a nice gift for a friend that likes to stay organized. The speaker is a cute and less utilatarian way to pump the jams from your smartphone or mp3 player when headphones just won’t do. Bonus feature: this ceramic pig shaped speaker can also be monogrammed for a small fee.

Driscoll bar cart by Desiron.

This is hands down one of the most gorgeous bar carts I’ve ever seen. It is by the furniture brand Desiron. The cart, which is named Driscoll, is a sleek combo of walnut and brass. It is made to order and can be customized qith a variety of metal and wood finish options. Classy, no?

Trashion inspiration from the Outsapop Blog.

Lastly… not really a product but a photo that I’m really loving: dark, yet bright and saturated with color, this pic is from “trashionista” blog Outsapop. It features recycled clothes and edgy runway fashions, as well as some cool DIY tutorials. I’ve recently started reading it again. Check it out.

I’m on my way to go see Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. I’ll let you know what I think of it next time! Have an awesome weekend peeps!

Totally Inspiring Rooms

I’m working a full week this week at my job so my posts will most likely be on the fly. I hope you’ll bear with me!

So this gorgeous and hot (it’s going to be almost 90 today!!!) Monday morning, I’m going to share some of the beautiful rooms that I’ve discovered on my surfing adventures.

What are some of your favorite discoveries from this weekend?

I hope your Monday is as lovely and warms as mine and you have a great week!

Uppercase Studio from the Uppercase blog.

Soho House in NYC from Camille Styles.

Interior from Veranda… can’t remember where I got it!

Another beautiful room… not sure of the source on this one. If you do, drop me a line. ūüôā

Dark, luscious living room with shots of one of my favorite colors: teal. Another one I don’t have a source for…


<…and just for kicks… a bright, flirty top from from OutsaPop trashion.

New book(s).

In a two weeks I’m going down to Portland to pick up a used sewing machine from my aunt. I’m really excited! It’s been a while since I sewed anything,¬† however, so I bought myself a book so that I¬†can¬†re-teach myself the basics. It’s called S.E.W – Sew Everything Workshop: The Complete Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide by Diana Rupp.


I’ve read the first few chapters, which cover things like assembling a sewing kit, choosing a machine, setting up a sewing area and other helpful tips. The book is written in a very down to earth style and the author’s passion for sewing definitely shines through. Included in the front of the book are 10 patterns for you to sew, with instructions for them in the body of the book. I haven’t got that far yet but I’m going to guess that the patterns cover a lot of common sewing techniques so that you can get the hang of doing things like sewing hems, putting in buttonholes, sewing curves, adding lining or interfacing and that kind of thing.

The whole book is colorful, easy to read and full of lots of color pictures and easy to understand diagrams that fill out the text in a way that¬†a lot of books on crafts that I’ve come across recently does not. It really is a step-by-step guide! I’m so looking forward to following along.

Even more I’m looking forward to honing my sewing skills so that I can enhance my crochet projects. In the meantime, while I wait to go pick up my new sewing machine (squeeeeeeeeee!), I’m going to keep reading and working on that sweater for my Mom… she’s showing up to see my new nephew. I’m making her the Big Bow Cardigan¬†for her in Lion Brand’s Fisherman’s Wool. It’s going well. Much better in fact than when I attempted it before. I highly recommend Julia Vaconsin’s¬†sweater as a beginner sweater project. It’s so simple, it’s all single crochet and it’s fast to make¬†up. I adore her designs. She makes both crochet and knit designs, so she’s a good choice for knitter’s too! Anyway, when I¬†finish it, I’m going take the whole sweater to JoAnn’s with me so I can pick out some cool wood buttons. I saw some there that are two toned wood that has a swirling inlay design that I think my Mom will like.

In other news, I found this very cool blog by a Finnish fashionista whose main interest is recycled clothing. Her focus is high fashion and she shares some really amazing design and cool tutorials, designs/designers, and inspirations. I added her blog to the news feed on homepage and I read every single new post. Check her out! Since I stumbled on this I’m really interested in recycled fashion and have spent a good amount of time looking for books and tutorials to use once I’ve mastered my sewing basics. Some of the more interesting looking books I found include:

Junky Styling - Wardrobe Surgery book Junky Styling

Annika Sanders & Kerry Seager

I came across this one on OutsaPop. They take old clothes and turn them into some of the coolest retreads I’ve ever seen.¬†Check out this¬†Trouser¬†Shirt tutorial.¬†Unfortunately, in the US it’s import only.



Sewing GreenSewing Green

Betz White

I still have yet to lay hands on this book… but I’ve seen some photos from inside it online and the projects look really fun and inspirational. The design style is definitely less edgy than Junky Styling’s but they seem fun and on trend. I can’t wait to see it!



Born Again VintageBorn Again Vintage

Bridgett Artisse &  Jen Karetnick

There are some really yummy reconstructions in this book from what I can see. I’m waiting for a copy that I have on hold to come to me from the library. But the pics I’ve seen online are really getting the the creative juices flowing. So I can’t wait to see all of the projects from this.

Ultimately, I’d like to be able to combine crochet and sewing together to create some unique items… take my crochet up a notch. I’m really looking forward to ramping up to sewing, finishing up the cardi for my mom, and (bonus!) taking that little weekend trip to Portland. Hopefully, I get to go to Powell’s… again!