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I didn’t do it! I’m just a patsy!

Seriously, I did do it… I finally framed that Artaissance print that I got from the thrift store that was going out of business a few weeks ago. Remember that? Well, in case you don’t here is a pic of the print in question:


Breakfast Treats II by C Biggio.

It’s got some really beautiful colors in it and I wanted to let them stand out so I picked up the largest size of Ribba frame from IKEA.

It took me a few minutes to get it in there (all those brads to pry up and the flatten down again, the poster was curled up and wouldn’t lay flat, the plexi kept popping out of the frame…) but I finally managed. I think it came out pretty nicely.


All the components together...


Ribba frame is ready to go!


Prying up brads... NOT fun.


Peeling the protective film off the plexi.

Now I just need somewhere to hang it!


And done! All framed up!

Thrift Store Score!

So, my sister calls me up and says that she was looking for free boxes on Craigslist and that she ran across a listing for a thrift store that was going out of business and was GIVING everything away. Yeah, you read that right. Well, I was still putzing around the house and she gave me exactly 20 minutes to get ready… Do I need to tell you that I was showered, dressed, and ready when she got here?

Anyway, we drive to the Renton Highlands and it’s two store fronts away from a St. Vincent De Paul (which are my favorite thrift stores on earth) and one away from a smallish JoAnn Fabrics (my favorite fabric and craft store in earth) but I digress…

When we got there half the store had been cleared out but my sis was able to get two carts full of clothes for her and her three youngest kids, including enough name brand and designer jeans for my eleven year old niece to be able to render her recent mall purchase obsolete.

I was not doing as well… I scored a few pairs of shoes and two handfuls of CDs (including HS fave Bros., Recoil, Cesaria Evora, Underworld, 808state, Erasure, Tom Petty & The Heart breakers, The Verve, and Handel’s Messiah) but I wasn’t finding something that said TAKE ME HOME! Until…

This retails for $205 on Artaissance… and I got it for FREE!

I was wandering in the very back of the store and saw a print pinned up to the wall. It was from Artaissance. It said that it was Breakfast Treats II by Carolyn Biggio. It was absolutely gorgeous, vibrant, large (at least 2’x3′), and… FREE! So, I snagged it.

Then, I found this silver or pewter bowl-y thing with a hole in the center. It has Hotel Sorrento engraved into the outside surface. Maybe it was a dome to go over a plate and it’s missing a piece or something? I don’t know. I just think it’ll look good on my desk.

Pretty sure I’d found all that I was going to at the going out of business place, I stepped over to St. Vincent De Paul while my sister shopped for more stuff at the first place and found this:

Found at St. Vincent de Paul: a $5 lamp. You can’t beat that!

Isn’t it sweet? I couldn’t pass up the texture and color. I’m not sure where it will go yet as I kind of love the brown lamp (that still hasn’t been projected) on my desk but I’m thinking that it may end up on the desk at some point. We’ll see!

So, overall today ended up being kind of a good day for me on the thrifting front. I mean I spent five bucks! It doesn’t get much better than that… unless you count the time that I got a vintage Henredon sofa for $35. But that’s another story!

Until next time…

Shoe Blues

Clockwise from top left: Fioni Kutzie Knot Pump – $30, Lela Rose for Payless Mapleton Printed Wedge – $55, Isabel Toledo for Payless Espawind Flatforms – $55, and Christian Siriano for Payless T-Strap Wedge Sandals – $30

I took a quick trip to Payless Shoes (yes, Payless). I was looking for work shoes of the non slip, non marking, oil and water resistant variety. Exciting right? When I didn’t find anything comfortable or attractive in the work shoe department, I thought a quick browse of the new Spring styles would be fun. The four styles above were some of my faves. Apparently, I’m liking blue… and stripes!

Better late than never, friends! Happy Monday… I certainly hope yours was better than mine. See you tomorrow with a totally inspiring room.

Totally Inspiring Room


Originally, I was going to go with an office I found earlier this week… but last night while I was trying to come down off my my late night coffee drinking high (I should never drink the stuff after 11am), I came across this room by Sig Bergamin from Elle Decor. Again. I see it online a lot. And I actually have the issue this apartment was in. At the time, I remember thinking it was a bit too… too! Even though I was seriously drawn to the apartment as a whole, it just wasn’t “my taste”! You know? But a few months and some seismic shifts in what I like have drawn me back to this gorgeously executed room.

I love the balance of graphic print and bright, saturated color on top of well placed neutrals, the juxtaposition of modern art with traditional elements, and the deeply welcoming and comfortable feel of the space. Did I mention the color?

Have an amazing Tuesday all! I’ll catch you tomorrow. 🙂



In order to sooth my frazzled mood yesterday, I sat down and read through Grace Bonney’s book, Design*Sponge at Home, again. I noticed that in the dining room of her own home, she had hung this print by Oddhero.

It was a picture I have seen online before and even saved because I thought the print was amazing. So, after seeing the name of the shop that Grace had purchased it from, I looked them up online and found a shop full of graphic prints and tees that would look stylish in any design lover’s home. Here are some of my faves:

Clockwise from top left: Why is the sky blue? – $40, Why is the sun yellow? – $40, Why are clouds white? – $40, Why is grass green? – $40, all at Oddhero.com.

These paper size prints explain why certain natural elements are the colors they are in simple language that children would love. The set would be a great addition to a nursery or school age kids room.

Clockwise from top left: Aachen Bold – $180 (regular)/$380 (large), Tower – $220 (regular)/$430 (large), Helvetica – $220 (regular)/$380 (large), Futura – $380, all at Oddhero.com.

This set features fun and graphic homages to classic fonts. The jaunty angles and bold presentation would make these a great way to perk up a kitchen or the end of a hallway.

Grace Bonney’s dining room.

Grace Bonney has the large size Tower poster featured in her dining room. The red in the poster playfully complements the bamboo dining room chairs.

Thursday is upon us already! The week is floating past. I hope your day is going well… and if it isn’t, there’s only one more day until the weekend. Perhaps a little time for some much needed r&r. It’s time for me to finish up my laundry and take some more staples out of the office chair so I can get to the reupholstery. Catch you tomorrow!

A Rainbow of Fruit Flavor

Today, a full spectrum spread.

Modern Stripe Vase by dahlhaus @Etsy

The shared bedroom of Mark & Sunrise Ruffalo’s kids. This is literally one of my favorite kids rooms ever. It’s so cute! From Domino Magazine.

Color Wheel Quilt from Joelle Hoverson’s (Purl Bee) Last Minute Knitted Patchwork & Quilted Gifts.

Another rainbow colored kids room from Domino Magazine.

Mod Berry Alphabet Poster by artanphilanthropy @Etsy.

Mod Citrus Alphabet Poster by artandphilanthropy @Etsy.
Group Hug print by Inaluxe @Etsy.

Blue Monday

I had a super low key weekend… you know the kind where you watch every movie you own while making all that popcorn stock you bought really work for you? Seriously though, when I wasn’t loafing around, I was looking for some blue rooms to inspire myself and you with. Have a happy Monday!

A beautiful, rich, dark blue room. I’d love to know who designed it!

Interior from the new Architectural Digest with Margaret Russell editing! Wow. If this is any indicator of what’s to com from AD… I might have to subscribe!

View of a Steven Gambrel room. So so beautiful!

A Vicente Wolf room. I love that canopied daybed with all the blue cushions!

JK Hotel from Lonny Magazine. Blue, black, and cream is starting to seem like a never fail combo! I love the big wing chairs and glossy black accents.

This soft Robin’s Egg blue lacquered living room is a standout.

A Miles Redd living room also with lacquered walls. I love the mix here of blue, brown, black, cream, and red. This room looks really livable doesn’t it?

Kelly Wearstler hotel restaurant design. Does she ever fail to knock a room out of the ballpark?