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Good Stuff

I decided to take a break from my still ongoing office chair project (more on that later) to go take a gander at what the West Charlotte ReStore had on offer. There was a ton of stuff…


Lane writing desk and chair, $150/set @ The Charlotte Habitat for Humanity ReStore.
I love this desk! It is so lady like and petite. The finished seemed in good shape and had a beautiful looking inlay on the surface which I forgot to get a shot of. This would make a nice addition to a master or guest bedroom for someone needing a work surface that doesnttake up too much space.


Curved sofa, $125 and mid-century upholstered chair, $75.
This curved sofa would look good as a tight back, single cushion sofa with a wide variety of fabrics. The mid century needs some low textural sheen and to lose the skirt. It has gorgeous legs.


Cushion paneled entertainment armoire hutch, $75 and mid century dresser, $350.
The piece on the left is actually the top of an armoire that is missing it’s bottom. Still it could stand as a complete cabinet on its own. I think some nice furniture legs screwed to the bottom and a few interior shelves could yield a unique bar area. The cushion style panelling is a neat and different touch. I’d lacquer it some totally outrageous color… or silver leaf it. Next to it is a mid century dresser. The tag said “Rway”… I’m not an aficionado so I’m not sure what that means. But the dresser has twelve (!) drawers, he top middle drawer has three compartments. It’d make an awesome buffet.


China hutch, $275.

Last but not least, a classic armoire. Pretty, with nice lines. Bold paint and wallpaper would be nice on this piece.

Sorry about the long wait for today’s post. I planned to publish it much earlier but life and work intervened. I hope your Wednesday was grand and not too Mondayish (mine was). Catch you tomorrow! 🙂

Thrift Store Score…

For you! These are pieces I saw today while out on my travels today (forgive me for not pricing everything):


Rattan Sofa @ Value Village on Freedom Drive

I could see this painted and the cushions recovered with one of Trina Turk’s outdoor fabrics. How fun would that be?


Wicker Dining Set, $175 @ Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Wilkinson Blvd.

This set needs some small repairs but would be lovely with the metal, chair backs, and table base painted a crisp black and the seats cover with a nubby wool bouclé. Texture, texture, texture all the way!


Faux Bamboo Dining Set, $150 @ Habitat for Humanity ReStore on Wilkinson Blvd.

I think this table would be good in a dark gray, the chairs painted a creamy white and the seats covered with navy linen. It would also look great in a green with a pale blue and dark green print on the seats.

The possibilities are pretty endless with all three pieces! Happy hunting, everyone!