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Totally Inspiring Room


From Pinterest via sfgirlbybay.

Victoria from sfgirlbybay pinned this picture yesterday on Pinterest and it struck a chord. I absolutely adore the floors in the foreground. My dream home will have black chevron/herringbone floors! The vintage globe, midcentury chairs, and and pink hallway are all nice touches too.

Have a great Tuesday everyone. 🙂

Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

OK, yes! The title of this post is too cheesy for words but… I’m currently obsessing over a plant that seems pretty ubiquitous in shelter publications lately: the fiddle leaf fig tree.

Swoon worthy in front of a big window (source?).

Apparently, it is a tropical plant that is easy to care for if you do it properly. It has a big impact, with its large, glossy, dark green leaves, and slender trunk. I think it would be an amazing addition to any living room!

These lovely plant showcased in a lovely ‘undecorated’ room. (source?).

Elle Decor image of a ficus lyrata in a modern style living room.

From the living room of a movie director with a fiddle leaf fig peeking out of the left side of the frame. – via Elle Decor

Of course some people have black thumbs. So, it was great to find there were some good looking faux options available too:

Faux stems from Alice Lane.

For fiddle leaf fig care instructions see Martha Stewart’s gardening section at MSL.