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Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees

OK, yes! The title of this post is too cheesy for words but… I’m currently obsessing over a plant that seems pretty ubiquitous in shelter publications lately: the fiddle leaf fig tree.

Swoon worthy in front of a big window (source?).

Apparently, it is a tropical plant that is easy to care for if you do it properly. It has a big impact, with its large, glossy, dark green leaves, and slender trunk. I think it would be an amazing addition to any living room!

These lovely plant showcased in a lovely ‘undecorated’ room. (source?).

Elle Decor image of a ficus lyrata in a modern style living room.

From the living room of a movie director with a fiddle leaf fig peeking out of the left side of the frame. – via Elle Decor

Of course some people have black thumbs. So, it was great to find there were some good looking faux options available too:

Faux stems from Alice Lane.

For fiddle leaf fig care instructions see Martha Stewart’s gardening section at MSL.



No more Domino.
No more Met Home.
No more InStyle Home.

What is a shelter magazine loving girl to do?

From the minds of ex-Domino staffers. Brilliantly inspirational.

Domino fans will also love this online magazine.

Look for the NEET Homes links on this fashion/craft blog/zine.

Up top… one of my favorite rooms ever, designed by Miles Redd.