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Carried Away


My favorite thing is a new bath and body fragrance from Bath & Body Works called Carried Away. I first tried some on just before Christmas while I was shopping for my Secret Santa recipient. I saw they had a few new scents and I tried on two: Paris Amour and Carried Away. I ended up buying my friend the classic and well loved Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Cut to last Friday, after leaving the Kent Station AMC (I saw Underworld: Awakening and Haywire), I decided to check out Bath & Body Works to see if they had any deals on. They did. But I wanted to make sure I was going to like how Carried Away smelled on me before I committed to full size bottles. I bought a set of travel bottles to test it out.

I’m very happy with the light fruity floral scent of this fragrance. I’m definitely going to for the full size bottles the next time I stop by Bath & Body Works.

I hope you’re all having a fantastic Thursday, I’ll catch you tomorrow. 🙂