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Bankrupt Billionaires 2

You may remember me waxing poetic a while back over the Brisbane Australia group Bankrupt Billionaires. Well, last month they delivered the digital edition of their self-titled EP via Bandcamp. The two tracks (Feelin’ This, Daze of the Dead) I mentioned in my last post about them are included as well as five more additional tracks. The song Hold Me Down is one of my faves so I thought I’d share it with you here.

If you like this song, you’ll enjoy the rest of the CD which is available on bandcamp for $10. It’s totally worth every penny! Have a happy Monday and I’ll see you tomorrow with a totally inspiring room. 🙂

Andreya Triana

I skulk around the Amazon mp3 site looking for free music… well, a lot! They have a free song everyday and I find that it’s a really good way to discover new music. It’s how I discovered Warpaint and the artist that I’m writing about today: Andreya Triana.


She’s a singer/songwriter from the UK. She’s completely self taught; she started out recording harmonies on two old tape decks in her room. She’s come along way from there… her debut album Lost Where I Belong was released on the Ninja Tune label last August.


I’m taken by her amazing vocals… she reminds me a little of Alana Davis (someone else who has an amazing voice). Her sound is sultry, soulful, jazzy… and did I mention that she’s gorgeous and rocks her frocks too? Well, Ms. Triana is definitely a complete package!

I grabbed her single, “A Town Called Obsolete” from a Ninja Tune label sampler that is free to download on Amazon. Two additional free tracks are available:  “Wonder When” – a swingy, uptempo jazz swirl by Bonobo on which Triana does the vocals, and “Lost Where I Belong” – the title track from her debut CD. Grab them at Amazon mp3.

Andreya Triana – Far Closer from Steve Glashier on Vimeo.