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Art: AJ Chu

“Ophelia” by AJ Chu.

Untitled by AJ Chu

AJ Chu is a high school student who is headed to art school in the fall… In the meantime she is making incredible art like the pieces above. I can’t wait to see where this young lady is heading. She has a blog call Ahh Chooo but she seems to post only when she has work to share… which is not very often. Still, what this young artist has shown so far makes her worth checking into every once in a while.

Hope all is well in your world and I’ll catch you next time!

Art: Arian Behzadi

While surfing some of my bookmarked design blogs, I came across this post by Bri Emery on the collage work of biological sciences major Arian Behzadi:


4 1/2







Unfortunately, none of Mr. Behzadi’s work is available as prints for sale but you can check out the amazing collection of pieces at his Flickr page.